Bad Friday

Today dawned windy, cold and snowy.  Not the nice icing sugar kind but the blow in your face burn your skin off kind.  Well, this is Canada after all.  We all seemed to wake up feeling as tired as we were when we went to bed and there has been a pervading air of exhaustion and grumpiness throughout the house.

By 9.30am I was already wiped and feeling frazzled from Neirin screaming.  That was around the time he pulled a hot cup  of tea over himself.  Ok, I officially quit at trying to be a responsible individual today.  So here is  my Friday Manifesto or How To Get Through A Rubbish Day With Everyone In Tact.

1 – Abandon all cleaning unless necessary for cooking, eating or sanity.

2 – Get into hot bubble bath with grumpy toddler.  Relax, enjoy.  Laugh at the agony of decision on his face when he Just. Can’t. Decide. Which. Side. To. Nurse. From (naked Mummy presents too many choices).  Feel lucky that, as far as this little bean is concerned, there are few problems that cannot be resolved by Mummy’s boobs.

3 – Look forward to toddler having a nice big nap.

4 – Enjoy the difficult choice of yummy leftovers for lunch, should it be chilli or roasted butternut squash with pecans and feta?  Decisions, decisions.

5 – Plan an afternoon of popcorn smothered in maple syrup and butter, snuggles and favourite Mummy and Huwyl movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua (Chihuahua!).

6 – Make executive decision that dinner will be pancakes.  That’s right, in your face nutrition!

7 – Stay inside, stay warm and take everything slowly.

8 – Cuddle as much as my boys can stand then move on to Stephen when they go to bed.

9 – Know that tomorrow is the weekend.  Phew.

Hmmmmm, Friday not looking so bad after all…happy weekending to one and all :  )

4 thoughts on “Bad Friday

  1. sounds like a perfect day! 😉 wish i had butternut squash with pecans and feta for lunch. hrmmph. going to kick nutrition to the curb tonight too – you’ve inspired me to make waffles for dinner.

    • Lol, well I’m glad I’ve inspired you to some happy comfort food on a Friday night ; ) If you want to try the butternut squash and feta recipe it is in Nigella Express. Basically chop up a squash, roast in oil for 45 mins, toss in pecans and feta. Easy and delicious!

  2. …sounds like your day has turned around already…funny how that happens when we let it! Breakfast for dinner is a sure fire way to make children and grown ups happy…miss p recently named this “dunch” …as in brunch for dinner! Enjoy!

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