How green does your garden grow?

So straight away I admit that our seedlings did not do too well this year.  A certain amount of neglect (something to do with a new baby) and some dodgy weather conspired to kill off a lot of our seedlings.  So we did the next best thing and bought some plants!  A combination of herbs and tomato plants to fill in the gaps while a new batch of seeds come through.  


You can see some of our lovely greenery in the background, just behind the little monkey scoffing about 3ft of watermelon!  But I’d hate you to think we were gardening slackers in this house.  Under my close supervision from the garden furniture we just acquired, Stephen and Huwyl did stirling work raking, planting and putting in seeds.  

Huwyl wateringSeedsseed rowsHuwyl and DaddyChives

Soon, weather co-operating, we will be feasting on many tasty treats from our very own garden.  Seasoned by the sweat and hard work of the two biggest boys in our family who seem to love nothing more than a day in the company of plants, mud and each other.  Aside from the future foody delights there was one more bonus of all that fresh air and running around.  

Rocking chair snoozing.


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