More from the rainy day

Having a whole day in the house at my disposal resulted in a few more photos so I thought I’d use them up!  Keeping Huwyl busy for an entire day is no small matter and even with such fun as car soup he still has moments of the doldrums.  In an effort to offset this we had a range of different activities to keep him occupied.  I’ve set up the kitchen for him to use over the next couple of days.  Kitchen

I really like using his toys this way, getting thorough use out of them before moving onto another.  It encourages us both to be more creative with what we have in front of us; as well as minimising cleanup at the end of the day.  Bonus for mummy.  After making some delicious air tea and a few other plastic treats I decided to introducing weighing into the mix.  The scales were bought for me by mum, quite a few moons ago.  I use them for baking all the time and I’m totally in love with them.  They aren’t strictly antique, we thought they were a reproduction, but mum did buy some antique weights to go with them.  Turns out Huwyl enjoyed them nearly as much as me:

Car weigh in

For anyone who is wondering the car weighs in at around 3 1/2 oz.  I’m hoping that this will all build up to a fabulous understanding of fractions in later life, though I’ll settle for a brief distraction from the howling wind outside that is keeping us away from the park.  Once we’d covered maths we moved on to art, allowing Huwyl to explore what I’m calling his Green Phase.  He loves mixing the green himself with blue and yellow then adding, yes, green.  

PaintingAnd the finished product:


I love those handprints.  Gorgeous.  And for anyone who disbelieves the day of the long sleep here is a pic:

Neirin nap

So at the end of a busy, windy, rainy day I think I can count it a success.  Some snoozing, lots of snuggling, favourite stories and tickley giggles from two gorgeous boys.  Not such a washout after all.

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