I love seeing Huwyl enjoying his friends and he enjoys none more than Maddy.  They seem to have a kindrid spirit and the volume in the room definitely increases 3 fold when they are together.  I’m not sure why two children make five times as much noise but it is so.  They have such fun together I can’t help but smile, even when my ears are waving a white flag and my dog has gone to hide under the desk.  

Baby helpers

Huwyl helped Maddy hone her big sister skills in preparation for the Quinlan new addition – soon to be arriving.  They both enjoyed entertaining Neirin and stroking his head, there is something about him that children just can’t resist.  But soon and rather inevitably there was jumping to get on with…

Jumping beans

and hiding…


Luckily Michelle was on hand with her Mary Poppin’s like ability to charm them into a game of sleeping bunnies, giving our ears a hope of recovery and me a chance to quickly prepare some dinner.  It takes a lot of fuel to have all that fun and they filled up their tummies happily before heading off for bedtime.  But not before I got this last snap and a reminder of why I am so lucky and why all the noise and jumping and craziness is worth it.

Maddy and Huwyl

Summer seems to have finally arrived, I’m looking forward to spending as much of it as possible with family and friends.

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