You’ve got to roll with it…

On Sunday (my mum’s birthday) we made a family visit to a local flea/antique market.  It was a treat  for me and a big chore for Stephen so I appreciated it all the more.  I found a couple of lovely shops that I will certainly be returning to but it was Stephen who won the prize for thrifting genius when he found this…

rolling pin

It is a marble rolling pin with wooden handles and its own stand!  Stephen spotted it on a bottom shelf behind a table, eagle eyes for a bargain that lad.  As well as being beautiful it is fantastically practical.  Using a marble rolling pin helps make much flakier pastry as it keeps it as cool as possible; you can even put it in the fridge on a hot day!  I have coveted one of these ever since I saw my mum’s many years ago.  Now I have my very own and feel like a proper, grown up girl.  It takes pride of place on my counter and has already been put to good use making scones, quiches and soon a tasty pie.  All goodies that I have been able to share with family and friends.

scone making

quiche base



I love using this special rolling pin, all the more because it reminds me of my mum.  As well as using her always great pastry recipe I feel like her hands are guiding me as I work to improve; encouraging and teaching in equal measure.  And in the end I get the very best product, the chance to nourish the ones I love.

Plus it cost $5.  Perfection.

rolling pin

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