Sweet as Pie

What better way to celebrate the official turn of the year than with a pie?  With my lovely pal coming over to visit I was inspired to make an apple and damson pie to share with her.


Despite my bad timing meaning the pie ended up being to-go, we had a lovely morning and the pie has already had some attention.  It is strange that I now seem to be obsessed with making pastry as it really wasn’ t that long ago that it was my arch nemesis.  I decided that it wasn’t going to get the better of me and, as my dad suggested, simply put in a lot of practice.

Today’s pie is the first I’ve made that I’m really pleased with.  The filling of apple and damson is tart and refreshing, just right for a blustery but still warm autumn day.  And the colour…literally edible.


The steam rising from the filling wafted through the kitchen with a fragrance as fruity as it was flavourful (try saying that with no teeth in).   I will admit to a couple of false starts with the pastry but the finished product seems unaffected.

pie 2

And who was first to try my purple filled pie?  A certain junior kindergartener requested ‘pie for lunch’ and who am I to refuse?  So pie for lunch it was.  Followed by a cheese sandwich.  Followed by more pie.  I think he likes it.

lunch 1

lunch 2

lunch 3

Who is the yummier, the pie or the boy?  Okay, I know that answer to that question, but I am still pretty pleased with my pie.  An autumnal achievement indeed.


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