Snow Day


Another snowy day descended and I was banned from driving by my beloved!  So Huwyl and I snuggled up on the sofa to enjoy a snow day together.  We were joined (too briefly) by a returning daddy who couldn’t get to work what with the bus strike and the bad weather.  He’s making another valiant attempt to get in now, having worked at home all morning.  A happy day with us all in the house together. 

We kept ourselves busy too making a lovely pie for consumption later this evening.   The apples and blackberries lovingly frozen in the autumn, bring back the harvest months and comfort our tummies as we look out on the ever increasing snow outside.  This is a practice run really as I have saved the last of the berries for a christmas pie to be enjoyed with my Dad when he arrives next week.  Yay!



Huwyl had his own projects too making pastry off cut biscuits, a fine and noble tradition dating back to  whenever pastry was invented I would guess.   There is something about baking and children that seem to go perfectly together.  As I helped him roll out his dough, watching his little hands and arms reaching as far as they could while mine moved from finger tip to palm, I remembered being a child and admiring my mum’s skill with the rolling pin. Here I am playing out the same scene with my own little guy.  Somehow I doubt my pies will ever taste quite as good as my mum’s, but I’ll keep practicing none the less.

Small hands


And so to lunch and then to nap as the snow day rolls on and the chances of the pie making it unblemished to the end of the day dwindle.  Blame the pregnancy but I am seeing some of this pie with cream in my near future.  


A few other images from our day…

Daddy and son bakingDaddy and son baking making raisin ‘biscuits’ with left over pastry.  One of the advantages of having daddy working at home is he can take a quick tea break to enjoy moments like this.  Here is the finished product (before Huwyl ate some of it!)…


Mmmmmm, tasty...

Mmmmmm, tasty...

And here is the little man himself enjoying his new found pastry rolling skills…..


Yummy biscuits coming right up!

Yummy biscuits coming right up!

And finally this, because he is just so cute…


I love the rolling pin!

I love the rolling pin!

A successful snow day all round.  Now if only we can find the remote control for the apple tv….

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