New Year

So the new year is here after the indulgence and sheer loveliness of christmas.  Having my dad with us was such a pleasure, our little guy loved having his grandpa to play with – especially as he never seems to run out of games and fun adventures to be had.  I am thinking those two are kindred spirits.  Now dad has returned to the land of the overcast and we remain in the snow and ice.  


I seem to be getting bigger as less gainly every day!  Despite having a 3 1/2 yr old this is all new territory for me, which helps keep me from complaining too much I hope.  The aches and pains, as well as the continuing slow down are just part of a normal pregnancy and something I’m glad of every day.  By this time with Huwyl we had a two week old preemie in NICU.  I certainly wouldn’t trade.  As long as the aches and pains don’t turn into early labour I am happy to carry on.  Especially now that I have my wonderful chair!  I can now sit in the corner, queen like, surveying my domain.  As the snow and cold weather continue my world is shrinking every inward and, I suspect, it will be concentrated around this chair more and more.  Never more so than when our newest addition enters the world. 

Until then I am trying to be creative with ‘things we can do sitting down’ as much as possible.  The dog doesn’t enjoy that game (and is already missing her walking partner) but it is all I can manage right now so will have to do.  


I am already anticipating the little bubble I am going to be living in once the tiniest one arrives and starting to lay the groundwork for as easy a transition into two child life as possible.  We’ll see how that turns out.  

In the mean time I am going to watch the snow, watch Huwyl make snow on the kitchen floor with his flour box and snuggle in my chair.  A good day.

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