Right Now

Here’s a slice of life from me at the moment, so right now I am…

– Enjoying the beautiful ‘fake spring’ we get every February.  Only -9 tomorrow, wooohooo!

– Thinking about new ways of cooking and lots about the kinds of ingredients I want to use, getting more done in the kitchen this last week.

– Noticing that I get stressed about parking in town, pollution and noise so feeling grateful for our country retreat.

– Feeling amazed and lucky to be living in such a beautiful home, in such a beautiful place.

– Learning new things on my whole foods course.

– Taking it easy after being hit with a heavy cold and recognising my need for low key in the coming months.  It would appear I have adrenal fatigue (more on this another time) so I’m taking time to be peaceful and learning to enjoy liquorice tincture.

– Listening to Kathy’s new e-book as an mp3, so much more relaxing and can be done with eyes closed on the sofa!

– Watching my boys grow before my very eyes and learning to appreciate their quirks and selves a little more.

– Exercising patience, with the boys, the dogs, myself.  Finding it exceptionally worthwhile.

– Wondering what I’ll be doing this time next year.

– Planning many, many sewing projects.

– Loving the shift since Imbolc, I know it is a way off but spring is in the air this week!

– Hoping that this upswing will last and that I can start working towards a healthier and more energetic self.

– Knowing it will take time, but feeling joyful none the less.

The sunshine this week has been restorative; despite having a cold and Stephen being sick too (being sick together is not really fun although you do get to commiserate which is nice) I’ve felt very peaceful as the sun poured in and over me.  Today I sat on the sofa, listening to my e-book and I felt relaxed.  Today I walked through our fields, listening to bird song and watching them dart from tree to tree.  Today I laughed with my kids and hugged them when they were down, I found more compassion in my heart for them.  Today I watched the full moon sit just above my house, I saw a pattern in the stars like an arrow shooting across the sky.  I felt the tingle of spring beneath the ice and snow.  It feels like new beginnings, like a fresh slate.


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