Seeking Happy

I sometimes forget, I don’t know why, to try and be happy.  It sounds a little odd perhaps but I really believe that happiness is something you must work at just like being fit or eating well.  When life gets serious, busy, stressful (and when isn’t it at least two of those things?) I find myself on an uphill battle with my own temper and patience.

Sometimes it is worth just lightening up. I love that phrase (though not when it is used as an accusation “why don’t you just lighten up?”), in the right context it implies a significant thing, that we tread more lightly through life when we are happy.  I think we’ve all had the sensation of those days where we seem to skip through, the hours whizz by, we laugh and live with seemingly little effort.  This is in stark contrast with the feeling of heaviness that accompanies those days of darkness and difficulty that we all experience at one time or another.

I have definitely been feeling more on the heavy side recently.  With so much going on, so much of significance in that very grown up way, it is inevitable that the stress would tell.  The question is how to get out of that state?  How to break through from the ‘bad reality’ to the ‘good reality’?  Here are a few things that have helped me surface from my recent gloom.

Curiously Red – this online novel has me laughing out loud constantly.  Maybe the humour is particularly British, I don’t know, but if you like sharply written, slightly offbeat not too PC writing then check it out.  It is written in installments so some patience is required but each one is worth it! (Scroll back to post 1 to read from the beginning!)

– I Tunes Radio – I am trying to remember to fill each day with music of some kind.  I’ve found some classical channels that are very pleasant to have in the background and I switch to some groovier 60’s and 70’s stuff when I want to up the tempo.

– The continuing adventures of Soulemama, her daily updates are something I try not to miss and I’m loving following her and living a bit vicariously!

– The book Playful Parenting, I’ve seen it referred to all over the place but I am finding the reading of it incredibly inspiring.  It has helped to shift my thinking significantly and I am seeing a massive difference in my interactions with the kids.  This book is definitely helping me to see that treading a little more lightly through life is worth any upfront effort.

– The lovely Cheryl who can be found online here, though she is even more fabulous in real life.  Her patience and support get me through those daily ups and downs.

– My blogroll – visiting the assorted sites of so many accomplished and inspiring women gives me a boost of ideas and inspiration just when I need it.

– And also the Waldorf Connection for helping me understand how important the in breath and out breath concept is.  This is helping me shape a day that actually works!  We are not a ‘waldorf’ family, but listening to some of the great podcasts Donna has arranged has given me some very practical insights.

Of course those aren’t the only things making me happy, but they are some that I can share with others!  Unless of course you fancy heading over for a cookie and some tea…shall I get the kettle on?

Here’s to a happy day for everyone.

PS One more thing to make you smile/gain weight…you’re welcome.

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