On Saturday I went on a photography walk downtown.  It was a great couple of hours noticing some of the details around the town that I am sure I would have ignored or simply overlooked on my other visits.  Here are a few glimpses of my on-the-town roaming.

I hope you found some inspiration this weekend and if you did, I’d love to hear from you.

A happy Monday to one and all.

5 thoughts on “Roaming

  1. Excellent subject matter & photography. I really enjoyed each photo, some so gothic, others retro & I love the one where you can see your reflection. Thanks for this post Emmalina it is really interesting. Have a wonderful week with your sweet tribe, Katie x

    • Thanks Katie, I was really surprised by the diversity of what I found around me when I just took the time to look!

  2. The poutine/fries one makes me laugh… nice shots Emma… feel like we need a day exploring our cameras together! Such a great eye you have!

  3. ahh…poutine. so good but so bad!:) love these! good to take time just for you, exploring, it sets things right, doesn’t it ?

    Inspiration this weekendfor me???? sadly I have scarcely seen the light of day since last weds!Ihave been stuck up in the air…though flying over the grand canyon seven times in five days is nothing to balk at! my poor girls think I have abandonned them, I am in need of some fresh air…and I still have two more days to go….

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