As Dusk Falls

We are noticing the evenings drawing in here on the farm, less time to get the chores done each evening and the animal lock up time is getting earlier each week.  Last night, as the sun began to sink, we watched the mist spill over from our neighbour’s field and into ours like a small waterfall spilling over the fence.

We all walked into the thickening dusk, letting the dog run ahead and the boys get out their last shouty rampage of the evening.  We watched the sky light up pink and lavender, reflected by the mirror surface of the pond and the windows of the house that face setting sun each night.

dusk-9773dusk-9768dusk-9766dusk-9770dusk-9763As the light fell away behind the curve of the land we returned home, chased by the mist as it moved up the field, hovering around our ankles and snagging on the grass.  For the first time in a long while bedtime took place in falling darkness; the fans were whirring as the night was another hot one but the darkness descended quickly and decisively.  Summer may be having a last resurgence, a few more hot days and sticky nights, but Fall is on her way, swirling silently and patiently in the mist that followed us home.

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