Our day so far…

– One boy and his welding glasses, a match made in heaven.

– Huwyl’s history project, a diorama based on the history story we read this morning.  A million dollars to the person who can guess which story it was!  Hint – it does NOT include a ‘magical chest’, pirates on horse back or a glittery staff recharger.  Love, love, love how he sees the world.

– Morning smoothie got me off to a healthy (and grain free) start today.

– Winnie the Snow Dog is certainly enjoying the recent drop of snow, but then she has a cosy coat to keep her warm.

– What are described as ‘flurries’, a scene we’ll be very used to by the end of the week if the weather reports are correct.

The weather has turned cold again, as Huwyl says King Winter is sure putting up a fight.  Looks like spring isn’t round the corner after all.  But we can enjoy the chance to cosy up by the fire and enjoy an afternoon movie, many stories and (apparently) the creation of a pipe cleaner forest.

A good start to the week.  How is your day going?

One thought on “Snippets

  1. Oddly enough I keep thinking of 1000 Leagues Under the Sea.

    I just wanted to say that your blog is such a wonderful place to wander to. Thank you for all the lovely posts.

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