I’m Back!

Well hello, remember me?  Crazy woman who nearly sent herself mad building a house, homeschooling and moving constantly?  Tis I.  A month in and we finally (finally!) have internet installed, this truly is a happy day for our household.

I should probably be all “it was great to take a break, it was so much more creative etc etc” but no, I missed being connected to the world and I missed doing this, chronicling our lives and sharing some of those special times with the people that take the time to visit my little blog.  So welcome back!  Now that I have the capacity to do so I will be updating regularly and sharing with you our new life as we settle into our house and surroundings.

So what did November look like around these parts?  Here are a few glimpses of our month,

So there you have it, a little taster of the wonderful goodness of the last month.  I will be posting lots more detailed posts about the house, the move, the land.  I guarantee you’ll be bored of reading about it before I’m bored of writing about it!

It’s good to be back; it’s good to be here.

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