Walking around our land I notice wood, in many different forms and with many uses, everywhere I look.

Ready for the fire on the cold days and nights to come,

Fallen and ready for cutting,

But perfect for climbing on just as they are,

And of course it is excellent for building houses with,

The abundance all around me feels wonderful.  Knowing that we have the capacity to keep ourselves warm, create entertainment, belongings and even a home from this amazing material is a delight to contemplate.  But really just seeing the earth meet the sky, that startling contrast of blue against a living tree, is one of the most uplifting sights I can imagine.

Is there anything better than a sunny autumn day?

4 thoughts on “Wood

  1. I love autumn days too: cooler wind, bright blue skies and trees that make you feel dizzy when you look up at them, it’s heaven on earth!

  2. Oh, the house is looking amazing! 2.0 would be jealous. He longs for a wood stove. I long for a spider-free house. I wonder if we’ll ever come together on the issue…

    • I’m pretty sure that wood stoves eliminate all evil from the world and that, of course, includes the multi legged ones. I pretty much moved continents so that I would have the excuse to burn wood all winter with impunity. True story.

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