Birthday Wishes

Today is my Mum’s birthday, her 60th.

If there are words to describe the feeling inside my heart, they hide from me.  I cannot describe my memories, or the hopes I had for this day.  The joy we should be sharing now.  I can only look at this picture of my beautiful Mama, pregnant with me and glowing.  Her skin was like velvet and she always smelled wonderful.  When she laughed, no one could resist her.  We never wanted to.

Happy birthday Jaqueline Jones, happy birthday Mama bean.  We miss you.

5 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. She looks so beautiful and happy! Like you I’m at a loss to seize the right words to describe the feelings, the vacant place left by a beloved one, the grief, the happy memories and the regrets, the presence that’s still there, the things that could have happened yet…Happy birthday to your mama, it’s a gift to have wonderful parents (that’s for the loving dad too, ref comment above!). You are blessed with beautiful parents (and not only parents in-law…;)

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