First Grade, First Week

First Grade has begun!  After a year of ‘practice’ we are now really homeschooling.  This week has been a great jumping off point and a tester for the materials I’ve been researching and gathering (with the help of my very knowledgable friend) over these last months.  So far so good!  This week we only worked for 3 days due to the Labour Day weekend, this was the perfect way to ease into our new schedule.  Next week we’ll add history and music to the roster, we’ll be lovely and busy throughout the week.

I’ve really enjoyed getting properly stuck into our school work and have been rewarded with Huwyl’s effort and ability.  Watching him exceed my expectations as he does more pages of a phonics book or takes extra time over a drawing is such a gift.  This confirms to me that we really are on the right path, homeschooling is for us!

Of course we couldn’t really call ourselves homeschoolers without spending at least one afternoon outside in the sunshine.  A walk along one of our favourite trails, on the most glorious autumn afternoon, found me counting my blessings and soaking up my favourite season.  While other children Huwyl’s age were in a classroom working on autumn themed activities, we were outside touching, smelling and living it.

I really don’t think the boys were particularly affected by the significance of this first week but I certainly was.  The energy and excitement of beginning this first ‘proper’ year of school had me giddy.  I know there will be days and weeks ahead where things will be less than perfect but for now and for as long as it lasts, I’m going to count myself lucky to be doing this work that I love, with those I love the most.

3 thoughts on “First Grade, First Week

  1. You’re doing the nicest job possible, with the cutest pupils possible, in the nicest place possible, in the best state of mind possible, enjoying it in the best possible way! Happy first homeschooling week Emma! 🙂

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