Peace and Quiet

Peace and quiet are hard to come by at the moment.  Life is busy, filled with activity and bustle as we move between feeding chickens, play dates, homeschool, chores and whatever else gets thrown up in the course of a day.  Plus living in a rental house on a bus route and flight path does not lend itself to contemplative solitude.   Being woken up by the sound of an interlock driveway being carved up is not my idea of relaxing.

Last night I escaped did dutiful work putting the chickens to bed and experienced some moments of ridiculously pleasant relaxation and quiet.  I sat upstairs in my timber house, looking at the progress, watching the sun go down and listening to the birds calling their evening songs.  The tension eased out of my body and I contemplated the view that I will hopefully be looking at every day for many, many years to come.

I wonder if I will ever get tired of it, if it will ever fail to stun me and bring me peace?  Somehow, that is something I just can’t imagine.  So when it all gets a bit much this is where I imagine myself, I conjure up the sounds, the breeze and the movement of the wind.  For those moments I am at peace.

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