Start the day on an egg

Things have felt really hectic around here recently, my brain is struggling to keep up.  I know we are in for a summer of unpredictability so I’m trying to get into good habits where breakfast is concerned.  I notice how much more I’m able to achieve if I’m not ready to gnaw of my arm by 10.30, so I’ve been focusing on making sure I eat well in the mornings.

One of my recent faves is scrambled eggs with spinach and mozzarella, basically copied from the green eggs no ham recipe from cookus interuptus.  I really can’t get on board with kale so wilted spinach replaces that and I’ve been using pre grated mozzarella for a teeny extra protein boost.  Today I used the sourdough bread I made on Sunday for the toast but any good whole wheat bread or bagel would work well.  The whole wheat part is important, though, for that long lasting full feeling that will get you through to lunch time.

I had a very busy morning today and I was glad to not be feeling peckish in the middle of my chores.  It also felt nice to share a hearty breakfast with my beloved, knowing that he was starting the day well.  And there is nothing like eating a handful of spinach with breakfast to make you feel virtuous for the rest of the day.

I’m also enjoying including more and more eggs in our diet, they are such a wonderful and health giving food and one I hope we will have in abundant supply in the near future.  But more on that tomorrow….

How are you starting off your busy summer’s days?

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