Sights of Sunday

We’ve spent today playing, tidying, reorganising, moving, mowing, baking.  A verb filled day, a day of activity.  No visits to the land this weekend, too much to do and too many mosquitoes to argue with; so instead we worked on our space now.

I made cornbread and baked whole wheat loaves this weekend.   I used agave and molasses as the sweetener for my bread and was delighted with the results.  I really took my time with the dough and the kneading and I think it was worth it.  The sticky dough had a beautiful deep gold colour and the smell of bread as it rose and baked was stronger than ever.  It felt good to mill my own flour again and to use sugars that are more ‘healthy’ and nourishing.  For dinner I made my standby Roast Chicken with Butternut Squash, Pecans and Feta, with the whacky addition of sweet potato for an extra dash of beta carotene.  With a bright green spinach salad it fed my tummy and my eyes.

Though it definitely wasn’t a day of rest it was a day of achieving.  I feel much happier knowing the laundry is done and put away, there is a little less furniture and a little more space, there are a few more ticks on that to do list and a few less things that will need polishing.  This week might just be a big one and it feels good to know that some of the distracting clutter is gone.

In it’s place, just a little more breathing space.

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