New Homeschool Curriculum

Today we began a new curriculum that taught us an amazing amount in a relatively short (3 hour) period.  It is a cross disciplinary curriculum that embraces visual, kinesthetic and auditory learning styles allowing students to use manipulatives and their own reasoning skills to decode problems and create inventive scenarios.

Today we explored…


teamwork, negotiation, ethics…

personal responsibility (tidying belongings, respect for space)

Geology & Biology

peer to peer tutoring…


life skills (food preparation) coupled with an Al Fresco dining experience…

and of course animal identification (as well as caring for animals, personal confidence, self control, feelings of excitement and joy)…

The cost of this amazing curriculum?  Well in one version of ‘cost’ it is simply time and the cost of driving to a beautiful piece of nature.   But in terms of the benefits received from a beautiful day spent in the spring sunshine; truly priceless.

10 thoughts on “New Homeschool Curriculum

  1. What wonderful experiences and memories for everyone there! My daughters and I spent time outdoors as well today, enjoying the warmer weather and looking for signs of spring as part of our nature study.

    • Just being outside today felt like a holiday! Spring days like this really make life worth living don’t they? Bliss : )

  2. Great post! I’m pretty sure you could sell your curriculum with that first paragraph!

    Thanks for your caring comment on my blog. I never know how much to share about the sadder side of life, but it’s always good to get support, even when I’m being vague.

    • You are welcome. I struggle to know what to share, sometimes I feel it eases the burden, other times not. Either way I hope all is well with you.

      The great thing about our ‘curriculum’ is it is free! Isn’t it amazing what a bit of teacher speak can do?!

  3. Nothing soothes the soul like a day in the spring sunshine. Add wildlife, good friends and the magaical world of children at play and it doesn’t get any better 🙂

    • Hey T! Welcome to my blog, please you found it : ) I will be pillaging your brain for gardening info soon, let the season begin!

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