Yesterday was glorious and truly felt like winter is on the wane.  We were in the fresh air for most of the day basking in the bright sunshine, we came home with red cheeks and lungs filled with outside.

I’m looking forward to many more days shared with friends under blue, blue skies.

10 thoughts on “Outside

    • Yep we are not quite in spring thaw yet! Thought we were getting there last week then…more snow! Fingers crossed it will warm up soon : )

  1. Hello! I am here visiting from Rhythm of the Home . . . just finished your lovely piece about herbal remedies! Thanks so much for sharing such peaceful and healing ‘recipes’ for both adults and wee ones.

    I see from your posts that your little one turned two on March 14th – my Ruby Eva turned two on March 14th as well, so thought I’d best write and share a comment with you!

    • Birthday twins! It really is a lovely time to be born isn’t it? Happy birthday to your little bean and thanks for your kind comments.

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