The day today

A few moments from our day, captured on the fly as we moved through the hours together.

Is it a coincidence that all of these moments have something to do with food?  Probably not.  Today we enjoyed popcorn along with our film, Wind in the Willows (we just finished reading it and we couldn’t wait to watch the film version); bread rose in the kitchen as we went about our day.  This afternoon we made chocolate and nut banana bread (absolutely delicious) while the meat sauce for tonight’s lasagne bubbled away.

Our day is much like the food, sometime is simmers untended, quietly doing its thing.  Sometimes it is all rush and intensity, too much heat leading to things bubbling over.  But at the end of each day we are, hopefully, full and satisfied.

5 thoughts on “The day today

    • Thanks Jessica, it is funny how looking at the photos taken quickly through a day can tell me what it is we are doing with our lives!

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