Bits of Happy

I thought I’d share a few (but not all of course!) of the things that have made me smile this week.

-A nature walk in -16 temperatures with my intrepid friend.

This magazine that I love.  My dad bought me a subscription for my birthday and I love it. Yes magazine is the perfect title as it really is about what we say ‘yes’ to and how we can bring about so much positive change with our choices.

-A delicious lunch with even more delicious company.

-A moment of brotherly connection as they stalk their prey in the woods.  Not sure what they were stalking but they were pretty serious about it!

-Planning our future, or more specifically our to-be home and wondering if this might be part of it…could it work?

This soundtrack from one of my absolute favourite shows (I’m a Gleek), this is the latest one and I’m sure they are all great but this one has us all bopping and grooving around the house!

-Speaking of grooving…

I love, love, love the moves on this boy and the fact that he can’t stop those dancing feet!

What is making you smile this week?

12 thoughts on “Bits of Happy

    • Lol, that is actually my friend Lynsey with the bird on her head, that was really fun! There is a great trail where the birds will feed from your hand and we decided to try putting the seeds on heads and they went for it! That made up for the fact that it was very, very cold : ) Thanks for the link, I’ll be checking that out now!

  1. Haha, your boy can really groove 🙂 I so want a wood cookstove to. I have my grandmother’s in the basement but the liners are completely burnt out so it is need of some major repair but in our kitchen is a giant meat board counter with a built in china hutch above it and I would love to rip it out and put in a stove as the chimney is right behind that wall. One day maybe 🙂 How exciting that you get plan how your future home will be. So wonderful to be able to have all the things you want without thinking of remodeling an older home.

    • Yes he has got the moves! It is his new ‘thing’ and every time we have music on he is jumping and grooving! I am really excited about designing our kitchen but it is odd to make decisions and know they will affect the next decade or so (hopefully) yet we don’t know what this new lifestyle is going to bring with it. At the moment I’m torn between a wood fired oven and electric which can be powered by solar which we aim to get down the line. I also don’t know if our house design would accommodate a chimney… a dilemma! But a very nice problem to have : )

  2. Cool pics! Love the bird pic, and the ones of Huwyl dancing. Keagan has some sweet moves too..he likes to “breakdance” We’ll have to get those boys together for a dance party! :o)

    Will have to check out that magazine.

    xo K

  3. I am glad I am not the only nerd in love with Glee… bought the Christmas cd for myself as a ‘merry Christmas to me present.’ You should have seen Quincy’s diaper when I got home from our walk… it was full of sunflower seeds. Shawn was wondering if I fed her bird seed:)

    • I’m a total Gleek, that show makes me so happy! The sound track is an excuse to sing and dance around the house which is never a bad thing, Huwyl and I are getting our groove on most days, Neirin likes to join in too sometimes! Lol, on the seed, I can assure Shawn that she nibbled on no more than a few seeds : )

  4. I grew up with a wood cook stove in our kitchen. It was so wonderful. Our skinny galley kitchen definitely can’t handle one where we are now but someday I hope to have one again.

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