Sights of Sunday

A world made new by snow.

A boy explores the new landscape.

Play with Daddy.  It’s not quite cricket but it is a lot of fun!


When we all get too chilly we bring the snow inside with us.

The smell of sweet orange and frankincense welcomes us as we come in.

A big pot of stew bubbles on the stove all day; I am comforted to know this will fill our tummies for the next couple of days.

Now we can cosy up on the sofa together, enjoy a movie, read a book.  Be a family.

Today we are without my Dad for the first time in a month.  There is a funny space where I keep expecting him to be but I’m grateful for all his help, now we have the energy to embark on our big adventure of 2011.  Can’t wait for him to come back soon and see us into our new home.

I hope all reading  this are cosy and warm on this snowy Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Sights of Sunday

    • Thank you so much! We did have a busy and fun day, the best kind. We do the snow thing each year since Huwyl was about 2, sometimes we paint it, sometimes sculpt and at the end it melts and goes down the sink!

  1. Ahhh… so sad your dad is gone. So nice he was able to have a long visit with you all. Love the photos, Emma. I love the inside snow idea too… I think Shawn may shoot me though, if I did it. And people say he’s a ‘big kid’. I second One Little Window’s comments… beautiful photos, moments and words.

    • You are a sweetie. Honestly a few towels is all that is needed and you are good on clean up : ) Can’t wait for our walk, I hope it gets a bit warmer!

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