When the snow falls

Yesterday the snow returned.  After the unseasonal thaw (and subsequent lethal ice on all the walking trails), I welcomed back a layer of snow that provides traction and allows us safer passage.  With two high energy boys in the house a morning walk is absolutely essential; an added bonus of Dad being here is that we are able to go further afield and enjoy many of the great walking trails near to where we are living.  Of course next year we will just have to step outside our door…looking forward to it?  Yes indeed.

But in the mean time I feel really lucky to live in an area with many green spaces and nature trails that allow the boys to run freely and enjoy the outdoors as often as we like.  Although the snow just barely covered large expanses of glass smooth ice, it gave enough cover to walk on and even allowed for some sledge pulling.

Yes that is my Dad pulling two boys on two sledges.  Yes he is a total hero and yes I am seriously thinking about hiding his passport so that he can’t leave on the weekend.  If he asks, don’t tell him I said that.

I find the steady progress of snow flakes from sky to earth exceptionally calming.  Walking along a beautiful trail with snow falling steadily is my idea of heaven.  It doesn’t hurt for there to be another adult pulling my children on their sledges either!

Since I was a child I have taken intense pleasure in the sight of snow.  When we moved to Canada people would always ask us ‘how do you like our winters?’ and were surprised when I declared my love of snow.  Of course I had some experience living in Germany where the winters get pretty nippy, but part of my reason for coming to this country was to enjoy the snow filled winters.  Watching snow fall and knowing it will not end any time soon fulfills something within me and never fails to cause delight and joy.

I admit that by March I am ready for a thaw and summer just like everyone else.  But I can’t imagine a time in my life when the feel of snow flakes falling on my face, the sound of them hissing as they connect with one another on the surface of the earth, will not ease a tension that is only truly gone when the snow falls.

6 thoughts on “When the snow falls

  1. What a lovely day! I really like the photo you took of the snow-ladened leaves on stem.

    I like snow too. Probably not as much as you but I do like it. I don’t like super-cold days though. But a day like yesterday, is perfect.

    Oh and your Dad is a trooper for pulling the boys in two different sleds (or sledges as you call them). 🙂

  2. It was a lovely day for walking, not too cold or windy. My love of snow does not include pushing through it when it is horizontal and -39 wind chill! At that point I appreciate from the other side of my windows : )

  3. Hi. I’ve just stumbled upon your blog but couldn’t leave without remarking on your comments about snow. You write beautifully about the peace and beauty of snow and I found myself (also a non-Canadian living in Ontario) nodding along with each word. I will always be slightly puzzled as to why snow feels so right to me, given that my life to this point prepared me in no way for it! Good luck with all your new changes.

    • Thanks for coming to see me, reading your blog we seem to have parallel lives! It is odd this affinity for snow, perhaps we were Canadians in a previous life, it is good to know I’m not the only one! It does make me wonder if we are all meant to be somewhere and these are the little clues that we have it right…who knows. I loved reading about your adventures too and will stopping in again!

      • Have just been dipping in to your old blog and agree – I think we have been living parallel lives 🙂 Looking forward to keeping up with yours as it unfolds.

  4. It is always so beautiful to see the little ones out, even in the cold. The exploration of nature in the barren winter is such a treasure. Enjoy every moment.

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