Let’s Recap Shall We

January (Welcome new camera!) My lovely Dad.

February – King Winter rules

March –  Dreaming of the spring

April – Tomato seedlings bring the scent of summer to our kitchen

May – Summer comes early

June – Jam making season at last

July – A birthday boy and a first taste of cake

August – A long held dream, our trip to Nova Scotia.  Everything we’d hoped and more.

September – We are officially homeschoolers!

October – Putting up, the work of the harvest

November – Setting our sights on the future, new beginnings everywhere we look

December – The Sun dies and the Sun is reborn.  And with him a new future begins.

As I scrolled through my photos there were literally hundreds to choose from and it struck me what a lucky life I lead.  This year we have dealt with sickness, death and upheaval.  But those are not the moments that stick with me.  Instead I am struck by the journey we have embarked on, by a year defined by change.  So many new beginnings this year, homeschooling, selling our house, moving, buying our land, planning our future home, driving through the night to visit another part of the country.  Yet I feel that we are on the path.  Exhausted yes, afraid no.  The butterflies in my tummy are from excitement and anticipation because I know that where we are headed is where we want to be.

So welcome 2011, let’s see what life brings this year.  A happy new year to all, what does the year have in store for you?

One thought on “Let’s Recap Shall We

  1. Hope that you have a wonderful year! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I too am so glad I am not missing all of these beautiful moments with my children.

    Our biggest thing for 2011 is our new daughter will finally be coming home!

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