Outside Sunday

On a cold, cold Sunday we ventured forth.  The frigid air nipped at our cheeks and chilled our fingers.  Colours seem to have leached away, leaving a silver patina on the world, quietly waiting for its fluffy cover of snow.  Nature is prickly, the softness of leaf and flower gone; instead we observe needles, lichen and determined fungi that provide glimpses of colour in a pewter landscape.

Despite the cold we felt liberated into the frosty woods.  Free of the warm but dry inside air, the closed doors and windows.  To stomp, roam, collect; to move our bodies as freely as our heavy layers would allow.  And then, a glimpse of sunshine suspended from a tree reminding us of the life always bubbling below the surface.

Some weekend memories to sustain us through our busy week.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend too.

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