My kitchen this morning

I thought I would try and capture some of the kitchen moments this morning.  A not atypical day, the surfaces filled with potential food, or last night’s canning project, or this morning’s breakfast.   The warmth and bustle and mayhem and mess of a family kitchen, at work from morning till night.  As we approach the Equinox (Mabon) it is worth taking a few moments to step out of normal life with its ups and downs and celebrate the sheer wonder of cupboards filled with the harvest of a glorious summer.

Wishing everyone a good harvest and bright blessings of the season.  May your cupboards be full and your hearth warm this autumn season.

3 thoughts on “My kitchen this morning

    • Thanks bean! We enjoy them in spag bol, lasagne, on pizza, straight up, in chillis…numerous applications. There is nothing quite like the taste of your own tomatoes, and nothing as satisfying as listening to the pop of can lids after they have been removed from the hot bath of water. Bliss!

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