Right Now

This is where we are right now.

And in these moments, these glimpses, I am remembering how to breathe and finding some stillness.

Peace out.


7 thoughts on “Right Now

  1. ….lovely…holding hands. sigh.
    and the place where you find yourselves looks heavenly. nothing like vacation to show us a better version of ourselves!

    • Thanks Heather, it was a really magical holiday fulfilling an ambition I’ve had for many years. We all enjoyed it so much it has been tough to come home : )

  2. It is Nova Scotia – Lunenburg. We’re getting sun and sand and relaxed before making some momentous changes in our life. Hence the broody look out to sea shots lol. Emma’s so dramatic!

    • Well I wish I was capable of broody and dramatic modeling but I am pretty sure I was just thinking about where to have lunch! Nothing is too momentous if you are there my love xxx

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