Party Time

Yesterday we celebrated this boy.  This week he is five and I really don’t know how that is possible but here we seem to be.  Here are a few glimpses of the fun we had yesterday at our Superhero party.

A great day with friends, food and frolics.  Thanks to all who came (and helped), I really couldn’t have imagined a lovelier day.   And Happy Nearly Birthday to Huwyl, my five years boy.  To me, my lovely boy, you really are a superhero.

Special thanks to Emmanuelle for taking over as the official photographer for the day!

7 thoughts on “Party Time

  1. What a fabulous celebration! Looks like everyone is having a splashing good time.

    I just received my copy today. So hopefully yours will be there soon. This was the first article I have contributed and the first issue I have seen. It is all and more than what I expected. I hope you enjoy your copy and find it as inspiring as I did.

    Thanks for stopping by. I love comments from my readers and getting to know them.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

    • Miranda you are right, they are no longer babies but are still teeny too. I am loving this age – most of the time. He is so full of thoughts, so real. I can’t believe how quickly the years have passed and what an amazing boy he has become : )

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