Making Melting

So it is 45 C here and in our un-air conditioned home it feels like an oven.  It is 8.30am.  By tonight it will be worse.  Coming from the UK I am really not geared up for this but I know it will not last forever so I attempt to (grumpily) forbear.

The lack of air conditioning is a choice on our part, something we don’t even think about for most of the year.  But for a couple of weeks every summer I think about it a lot.  A lot.  As we sit melting in our oven like house listening to the incredibly annoying mechanical sounds made by my surrounding neighbours houses I sometimes ask myself – ‘why are we doing this?’

I know the answer to that and I know that even if someone came to my door offering to fit it right now I’d say no.  It would take me a minute but I’d say no.  I’m not above going to shops etc where it is nice and cool but we will not be fitting a large black box to the side of our house any time soon.

So here I am, sweltering first thing in the morning thinking of of reasons why it is ok to be boiling our brains out….

1.  I love that it forces us to go outside into the paddling pool, the splash pad, the cooler breezes of evening.  We aren’t sealed into our home, we are moving outside which is as it should be in summer.

2. I love that we are forced to change our plans.  Instead of regular bath and bed last night we went off to the wave pool.  We jumped, splashed and generally romped in the cool water.  The children laughed and squealed for joy and we did too.

3.  I love the golden glow of summer on my children’s skin.

4.  I am quite happy to feel a bit cleansed by the high water low food diet needed when dealing which high heat and humidity.

And last but not least,

5.  I love the excuse to sit up until 1 am with my beloved, chatting and being together as we know sleep is not an option anyway.

Wishing everyone some peaceful shade this hot, hot day.

4 thoughts on “Making Melting

  1. Summer fun. The planet loves us babes! And all that money we save on cooling costs (plus the HST) can be spent on monster pools and holiday fun. And I love staying up late with you too 😉

  2. Awww. I love your reasons for no ac. Very sweet…and I know all about not being able to sleep because of it, we struggle with that with the kiddos some nights.


  3. these are brilliant!!! we’ve had a solid bit of extreme heat, and it’s now cooled down some. when it gets hot again, i will give thanks in kind – referring to your post, naturally. ; )

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