Summer’s weekend

This weekend definitely belongs to summer.  Long sunny days, visits to the beach, bbq’s and paddling pools.  I didn’t fancy taking my camera to the beach so it was with perfect timing that I happened upon a reference on Soulemama’s blog to the iphone app Hipstamatic.  This app turns your phone camera into a bit of a time machine!  It mimics the retro vibe that cameras in the 70’s and 80’s produced.  It is silly fun and I love it.

So here is some of our weekend, with something of a retro twist…

What do you remember about childhood summers?  I hope these glimpses have jolted some happy memories!

4 thoughts on “Summer’s weekend

  1. Like looking through a box of photos at my parents! I love the retro look! Now I want an iphone… just for these fun little apps!

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