Saweet as a Strawberry

Strawberry ice cream anyone?  Um, yes please!  On a hot afternoon, when there are two continuously hungry boys, a tired mama and one very powerful blender there really is only one way to go.

To make home made Strawberry Icecream you’ll need:

4 cups of frozen strawberries

1-2 cups of milk (goats, coconut, almond – whatever works!)

A blender that can cope with frozen fruit

Pop them all in:

Mmmmm, Strawberries…

Now whizz those puppies and you get…

Of course it looks much nicer in a bowl…

It looks like a lovely ice cream rose!  The finished product was tart, cold and delicious.  But of course that is just my opinion – what do the judges think?

I’m going to count that as a thumbs up!  In fact a certain person came back for seconds…

Who me?

I love seeing the boys tuck into this kind of snack knowing there is nothing yucky lurking.  I’m sure if you wanted to sweeten this recipe up adding a bit of honey or agave would do the trick.  But I really enjoyed the tart taste, so different from some of the sickly, synthetic strawberry ice creams I’ve tried in the past.  This recipe is perfect for clearing the palette on a hot afternoon.  We had some left over which I turned into delicious popsicles that I am sure we’ll be enjoying very soon.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather!

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