Happy Birthday My Beloved

Now there is a certain chap around these bonnety parts who doesn’t like birthdays.  Not other people’s, only his own.  I don’t want to name names but he is tall, bearded and answers to the name ‘Daddy’.  As I wrote out his birthday card I realised that this is the 16th birthday we have celebrated together and that means the 16th birthday I’ve heard him complain about!

Since he was 22 my love has claimed that each birthday makes him ‘old’.  When he looks into the mirror each year he sees a few more grey hairs, a little bit bit more youth slipping away.

He can be a bit Emily Bronte at times, it must be his Yorkshire blood.  But me?  I think there is lots to celebrate!

So a yummy quiche was baked, as was a chocolate cake (there was quite a lot of multi tasking happening yesterday), the floors were washed (this is a present for my tidy minded love) and as much tidying as was possible with Neirin around happened.  Candles were lit, small gifts were given, candles were blown out (by Huwyl) and cake was eaten.  A small party but a happy one.

And what were we celebrating?  Well, for each of us something different.  The end of a busy day and the chance to eat a good meal with family (that one for Stephen), a big slice of choccy cake and cream on a Tuesday night (all of us), big hugs with daddy (the boys) and general good fortune.  For me the chance to celebrate another year with the man I love.  A man who holds me up, pushes me forward and ever so gently shows me new paths and new possibilities.  A great partner, friend, creator, collaborator and Dad.  My love.

I’m looking forward to many more years of birthday complaints and denials of getting older, because it wouldn’t be Stephen without them.  As he rides off on his bike this weekend (my present to him, a couple of guilt free hours out on his bike!) I too look forward to the new horizons heading our way, promising new adventures, together.

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday My Beloved

    • Thanks Grace – the mug came from Hallmark, I think they are ramping up for Father’s day already! Good for us though, it is really cute!

  1. Happy Birthday to Stephen! It looks like you had a very special day!

    One of my greatest joys since becoming a wife and mama has been being the orchestrator of birthdays. Celebrating is so much sweeter since having my own family.

    • I agree! We have to keep things low key for Stephen as that what he prefers but I enjoy the excuse to go all out!

  2. I enjoy the presents and the tidying up done on my behalf, just not the reminder of the inexorable march of time pulling me relentlessly onward toward dribbling, incontinent dotage and ultimate death, Yay birthdays.

    • The Tibetans don’t celebrate their birthdays either. They figure that it is just another year & they haven’t become enlightened, what’s to celebrate? I guess the ones who have become self-realised don’t worry about their birthday – maybe you fall in this category : ) Katie

      • Thanks Katie, I think Stephen will now be claiming enlightenment as an excuse! It is certainly a better one than he currently has : )

  3. Dearest Stephen,

    All the reasons you mention for not celebrating are the reasons I (and mainly other women it would appear) feel the need to celebrate.

    One day we wont have all our marbles, bodily functions in tact and memory, but, while we still do we should celebrate.

    Not only birthday’s, but every single day. Each one is so precious and without days, families love and the changing seasons life would not be worth living, so I am grateful for all of them. More importantly all of you.

    So cheer up misery and poor yourself another cup of tea in your fab mug, get that enine roaring and enjoy each day as if it were your last.

    Many, many happy returns, your beloved sister, xxxxxx

  4. Was it Stephen’s cake we had yesterday? Yummy… always special treats at your place! Happy belated to Stephen!

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