Ch ch ch Changes

The sun has returned and so have my good spirits.  After a day of gloom I feel ready to take on the world again and this is due, in no small part, to the addition of green smoothies to my life.  It may seem that I am overstating but since I have started having a green smoothie for breakfast each morning I have felt a real shift in my energy levels, health and overall feelings of well being.

It seems crazy to me that it was only 10 days ago that I choked down my first green smoothie that contained only 1 cup of spinach in the whole batch and that lasted me three days.  Today I had 2 cups of spinach in my smoothie and I had the whole quart in one morning!

I’m amazed at how filling a smoothie can be and also how quickly my system has come to crave them.  I now am very comfortable starting my day with a icy cold smoothie rather than a carbohydrate hit of bread or cereal.  I am finding that the energy boost I get from the smoothie is much more sustained and that my mood is much happier over the course of the day.   This change is no small thing for me either as I’ve gone from ‘Recovering from Mono’ to ‘Feeling better than I have done in months!’.  I’m getting used to the looks of surprise from friends when they ask how I am doing and I can genuinely say ‘Great!’

And of course I get to share with my happy little helper, he really does seem to like a good smoothie too.

If you want to know more about green smoothies you should pop over to Enchanted Chameleon or The Green Smoothie Challenge.

6 thoughts on “Ch ch ch Changes

  1. Emmmmmaaaaaaa – so happy you’re feeling better, and so happy this juicing – smoothie thing is making you feel great. It truly did wonders for me for sure!!! Hope we can get to see you guys soon 🙂


    • Yay! Thanks for getting me on the right track my friend, wouldn’t have got there without you. I am feeling so much better just like you said, what an amazing difference. I’m also taking green supplements to boost my system but I’d like it all to come from food as the summer evolves. Hope you are feeling well too and that we can see you for some smoothie action soon xxx

    • Thanks Nicole, right back atcha! It is so nice seeing the boys lapping up the smoothie goodness with no idea of the spinach lurking within : ) Of course that does mean I have to share, hmmmm…note to self…make extra!

  2. How wonderful to hear you’re feeling better! Ella’s been slowly growing to love the smoothies, too. Have you tried them as popsicles yet? A big hit at our house!

    • Thanks Adrie! We did popsicles on the weekend (round here we call them lollies!) it was great to watch Huwyl tucking into his hidden handful of spinach!

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