Spring is Unsprung

I was intending to write about the loveliness of the spring that is  unravelling around us at the moment.  I wanted to wax lyrical about the lovely nature walk we had yesterday, noticing the buds and leaves, the dandelions and occasional blossom.  The green of the grass beckoning us to run and laugh in the glorious warmth of a sunny day.

Instead I woke up to this:

Yes, that’s right, snow.  In April, nearly May.  Snow.  Great.

In November this would have been received with glee and excitement but now?  Just gloom.  I am loving the sun, the green, the outside.  Today the snow seemed to bring with it a general sense of disappointment and dissatisfaction.   We were rushed trying to get Huwyl ready for the bus due to the need for snowpants, boots, mitts, etc.  I couldn’t hang out my washing because of the white stuff.  I have been feeling tired due to being up late with Bella (our dog) who is sick and even drinking a quart of green smoothie couldn’t seem to wake me fully.  Neirin was in a foul mood all day, a fun summer project was cancelled, the school bus was late so we were all waiting out in the freezing wind for nearly half an hour, the cat wouldn’t stop screeching and Neirin has decided to return to full throated screaming at an ear drum bursting volume whenever the world doesn’t conform to his expectations.  Which happens a lot.

You get the picture.

So what was I to do?  There was only one choice.  Bake cookies.  I have designated Tuesday as our baking day so today we baked almond flour Choc Chip Cookies.  Gluten Free and Dairy Free, they are practically a health food!  This was our first attempt using this recipe and I am more than pleased with it.  Huwyl was very involved in the process and declared himself happy with the outcome, what more is there to say than that?

So Elena and her Pantry saved me once more, that woman is a good force in the universe.  The curse does not seem to have quite lifted, Stephen has just rushed out of the house late to meet some new friends as he was caught up in trying to help me with the boys and lost track of time.  And apparently it is going to rain all weekend while he is taking his motorbike test.

Pass the cookie jar please, I think I’m going to need one.

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