Signs of Spring

It has been on my mind for a while to let Huwyl have a try with a camera.  I’ve seen examples of children’s photography on other people’s blogs (most recently on Mayaland) and I’ve been curious to see what he might come up with if given a chance.  We do have a spare camera now that I have my DSLR but it is a good camera and I’ve been reluctant given that he is well, I don’t want to say clumsy, but basically he’s clumsy.  I accept it as he is only acting on the genes I gave him but none the less I didn’t want him dropping the camera and breaking it.

Luckily Stephen remembered our old, old camera (as in 1998 old) which was safely tucked away on a shelf in the basement.  Now this camera was made back when they knew the true meaning of core engineering concepts such as  heavy and extremely bulky (though it was super flash at the time!) making it perfect for not-quite-5-year-old-yet hands.

As we have been out and about over the last couple of days I asked Huwyl to take pictures of signs of spring, anything that he noticed and thought interesting.  Having a focus seems to have prompted wonderful creativity and I was amazed at the pictures that he finally produced.  His work has definitely moved on since, well, yesterday during his Photos In Car period.  So without further ado here are some of the images from Huwyl’s photo journal, Signs of Spring.

I’m totally in awe, I seriously think he has a future in photography and am actually envious of some of these shots!  I love seeing the world through his eyes for a short while and I am certainly looking forward to his future work.  I think his next collection might have a title something like Mayhem In The Back Garden While Torturing Daddy.   My cue to head out into the spring sunshine and even up the numbers I think!

Wishing everyone a happy beginning to the last week of April.

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