Take a needle and some wool….

And this is what you get!

Yes I have finally taken the plunge and had a go at needle felting.  I’ve been so inspired by the lovely figures made by Cheryl and with wool and needles burning a hole in my craft table I just had to make something.  But I really didn’t fancy anything too intricate so I cut my wool felting teeth on this lovely toadstool.

The instructions for this and other needle felt creations can be found on Handwork TV, the videos are all so clear and easy to use that I think anyone could make a start based on them.  I really liked the idea of making something with a  magical theme but that can be used and played with.  Our love of Elsa Beskow’s Children of the Forest means this toadstool fits in perfectly.

It was a great project to learn on as it is pretty big and bulky.  If I make another I will make the stem thicker as it is a bit skinny but other than that I was happy.  By the time I reached the end of the project I was feeling confident enough to try a little bit of detail for around the ‘door’.

Officially this is a fairy gift that arrived on Easter morning.  I had managed to keep the toadstool out of sight for a couple of nights and worked on it  quite late the night before.  But it was well worth it!  My little guy was very pleased and played with it all day.  It also looks very cute on my table, if I were a fairy I think I would definitely set up camp in this fluffy toadstool.  Definitely.

3 thoughts on “Take a needle and some wool….

  1. Looks really fun. I want to learn to do this. 🙂 Come say hi. We are doing another giveaway of Skylar’s music, a different CD.

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