My Mum

My Mum always thought she knew better than me.  She did and I benefitted  so much from her knowledge.

My Mum would tell me off when we didn’t do what we were supposed to.  She was willing to be the bad guy to keep us safe.

My Mum wasn’t like every one else’s Mum, she stood out, she was different.  She taught me to be true to myself, not to follow the crowd.

My Mum had a really loud laugh, it could be heard above everyone else’s.  Hearing her laugh brought me such joy.

My Mum would go bananas if she thought we had told a lie.  I learned that the truth, no matter how hard, is invaluable.

My Mum would get angry if she thought someone was in the wrong.  She showed me that you have to stand up for what you believe, even if it isn’t popular.

My Mum didn’t buy me juice carton’s for school like other Mums. Instead she filled a film container with cordial  every day so that I could have a nice drink with lunch.  Every time I looked at it I knew how much she loved me.

My Mum didn’t cook a Christmas dinner.  She cooked three, something for all of us.  She just wanted us all to be happy.

My Mum couldn’t stand laziness.  I learned that if I want something I have to work for it.

My Mum got angry with me when I deferred to doctors and specialists after Huwyl was born.  She helped me trust myself and become a stronger Mum.

My Mum often didn’t like my friends.   She hated it when people didn’t love me as much as she did.

My Mum did everything I did, she even took up the same hobbies.  We shared time together, built memories.

My Mum drove me crazy.  My Mum looked after me when I was sick.  My Mum thought I was wonderful.  My Mum was beautiful.   My Mum was brave.  My Mum showed me that life is worth fighting for even when the battle is just so hard.  My Mum always smelled good.  My Mum is in my thoughts every day.

My Mum died and I miss her.

12 thoughts on “My Mum

    • Oh Julia, sorry for your tears. You are right, the healing doesn’t stop us missing them and I’m sure it never will. We just miss the feel of their hand next to ours, that will always be a sorrow I think.

    • Thanks for reading Margo, I actually did think of you when I wrote this post, I’m glad you got to read it. Hugs xxx

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