Is it Spring or Winter?  The weather doesn’t know and I certainly don’t.  The maelstrom that always seems to surround the equinox definitely has me in a whirl this year.

Last year, 7 days before the equinox, I birthed my beautiful bean Neirin into the world.  He was born peacefully in our bedroom only 10 minutes after our midwife arrived.  After having a surgical birth with Huwyl (due to prematurity) this was my dream birth, at home with Stephen and our wonderful doula Emmanuelle.  I can hardly believe a year has passed since he slipped into the world but here he is, walking, running, eating, playing, talking (sort of) and ruling the roost along with our hearts.

This year, a week prior to the equinox, the only thing I brought forth was a throat infection and flu.  It has laid me pretty low and left me reeling a little.  Well a lot actually.   The beautiful spring weather last week passed me by as I could barely lift my head up from the pillow some days.  Stephen took up the slack looking after the boys in the day then working into the early hours of the morning.   Kind friends chipped in but it has been a tough week or so, certainly not the beginning of spring I had imagined.  Our celebratory tea party for Neirin’s first birthday was cancelled so that it was  just the four of us; Spring Break revolved around me in bed with a raging fever – not a great start.

I could start feeling a little sorry for myself.

Luckily I have the best spring tonic of all, my fabulous One Years boy.  His soft lovely hair, his cheeky smile as he climbs the stairs (again), his giggle, the way he loves to nurse in the shower, his developing love of the train table.  His funny noises that only we know about.  The way he gives a hug.  The way he changes the world for the better just by being in it.

There will be other parties, other sunny days.  The real keeper is this guy.

I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

2 thoughts on “Springter

    • Thanks Kendra! I am feeling better though I am still easily tired. It is amazing how much an illness can take out of you isn’t it? Our little celebration was still lovely, we had some pancakes and a jolly time. I was glad I had made the crown before I got too ill! He looks very happy in it : )

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