Spring Cometh

This weekend felt almost like the beginning of summer, were it not for the piles of snow still hugging the garden that is.  The warmth of the sun has beaten the white stuff into retreat, but we are not quite there yet.  I’m aware of contrasts all around me; grass and snow, beating sun and cooling breezes, washing on the line but a pile of snow to climb over in order to reach it.

The sunshine drew us all out of doors this weekend.  Whereas a few weekends ago we were spending our time skating and snow painting, now we are readying ourselves for the season to come and simply enjoying the bliss of being outside of course.  In shirt sleeves and light jumpers we took advantage of the chance to bask in the glorious sunshine, hoping that it will last and last.

Here are a few glimpses from our spring weekend,

Turning: Who can resist the urge to turn newly discovered black earth?  Not this boy!

Discovering: Wanting to take it all in.  Literally.

Feeding: This feeder, filled with seeds, now hangs from our porch inviting feathered friends to feast.

Retreating: The ice age is being pushed back by the sweet kiss of sunshine.

Playing: In his imagination this was a new home for mud fairies and he the architect.

Thinking: Discovering it all for the first time?  Or having his mind refreshed from a previous life?  I really can’t tell but I’d love to know.

Loving: The sky, the warmth, the blue.  Bliss.

I hope your weekend was as filled with sunshine as mine.

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