Friday – what am I grateful for?

I love seeing all of the Friday blogs where people take the time to review what they are grateful for this week.  So here is a little something I am happy about.

A dark Belgian chocolate crust encasing the sweet red of homemade plum jam.

These need to be kept in the fridge so they have the perfect crack and crunch as the delicate layer of chocolate breaks under your teeth.  Then the tart yet sweet jam mingles with the perfectly bitter chocolate; the flavours compliment one another so well it is impossible to resist reaching for another…and another.

So what am I grateful for?  Well many things but chocolate is definitely right up there.  Definitely.

For anyone interested in making this delicious and happily gluten free treat visit the wonderful Elana’s  Pantry.  I have to admit this is the only recipe I’ve made from her site, I just didn’t see the point of continuing past this one!  Sorry about the quality of the photos btw, they really don’t don these choccies justice.  Happy Weekending!

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