Now I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I am ready to post off my parcel to Julia , my vintage swap partner.  So here are a few cryptic snapshots, a teeny taste of the lovely vintage goodness I am sending off.

Of course it would be much harder for me to let go of all this vintage loveliness were it not for the fact that I have received my parcel from Julia!  And mighty gorgeous it is too.  Here are some snaps of the wonderful and carefully chosen items she sent me:

I love, love, LOVE everything that Julia sent.  She literally couldn’t have got it more right and I am so touched by her kindness and generosity.  It has been such a pleasure to make a new friend, to imagine what she might like, to scour and peruse hoping for that one treasure, the item that is just right.

I can see from this beautiful menage that Julia has done the same if not more.  I am so utterly delighted and enchanted by this wonderful assortment.  This eclectic mix of beautiful items is perfection, I can see this is a delightful bundle made especially for me.  I think Julia is a vintage psychic.

Thank you again Julia for this beautiful collection, I will treasure each item always.

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