Outside the big, fat feathers of snow are covering the world, softening the corners into one big pillow.  The flakes are drifting, slowly but with inevitability, to meet the blanket beneath the grey sky.  There is a quiet, a pausing that takes over when the snow falls like this.  Sitting in my rocking chair with Neirin, he nursing and me contemplating, my mind feels feathery too.  Thoughts drift, come and go, nothing concrete or permanent.

I love the world like this.  The excuse it gives for play and silliness.  I love the way it invites you to sit, to watch, to drift along with nothing certain.  A pleasant day dream where feathers fall from the sky, thickly swirling.  Defying sense they seem to be in different time zones, some gently, others moving quickly caught in a vortex.  Still others seem to hang, a moment caught.

Today is a day for watching.  Today is a day for outside, for taking first steps in fluffy white snow.  For games with friends, snowmen and castles.  For learning about the world outside, for unexpected laughter.

Where will today take you?

4 thoughts on “Outside

  1. Suzh a beautiful post. It sounds to me like you are gearing up for a perfect day. Today takes us to art projects and kitchen goodness, and a lot of work to still do to put our magazine together.
    Thanks for sharing

    • What a lovely comment Heather, thank you so much. We have indeed enjoyed the day – there will be pictures to follow! It sounds as if you are having a very full day yourself! Enjoy and try not to be too exhausted ; )

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