Drifting through Thrifting

Ok that doesn’t make sense but it rhymes so you will have to forgive me.  I signed up a little while ago for a vintage swap on Shivaya Naturals and was partnered up with the lovely Julia over at Tiny Offerings I really enjoy checking in with her blog and getting to know her, it is such a lovely opportunity – shopping and a new friend!

Having this swap on my mind I have begun haunting a few old favourites and checking out some new places just on the off chance of finding that perfect thing.  I have some things set aside, I’m not sure what will make the cut and I have some visits to make before my search is through.  It is a challenge buying for someone you are just beginning to know, I really want to get it right.  Not just ok right but delighted right.  I think there is something fabulous out there meant for Julia, I just have to do a bit of detective work to find it.  But find it I will.

In the meantime here are a few images of my journey along Thrift Avenue, I don’t want to give the game away or anything so you’ll just have to wait awhile to see what I’ve managed to come up with.  Here are some snapshots of my wanderings this weekend.

So much vintage loveliness but  I’m only allowed 5 items.  Sigh….I suppose I’ll just have to buy some things for myself too.  The life I lead, I tell you.

One thought on “Drifting through Thrifting

  1. hey! I just saw the bottom teacup on the right…it is the same as a 12 piece setting my dear nan had…everything the whole lovely old set. my mom wanted to get rid of it…I told her….TWO GRANDDAUGHTERS might be thrilled to have it some day!!!! Funny…even miss p at my side said, “hey! that is the same as Great Nanny’s”

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