Getting his groove on

From very early on we’ve noticed that our little guy loves music.  He likes to listen to it, make it and dance to it.  And with the help of his favourite dance teacher/stair monitor Jenna, he enjoys getting his groove on big style.

Yes indeed I see much getting on down in our future.  He gets it all from me of course, I’ve got the moves baby.  For reals my friends.

6 thoughts on “Getting his groove on

  1. Oh no. No no no. No. Musical preferences, rhythm and style all come from his Dad. Look, he’s clearly doing hands in the air stylee, biggin it up for da Sheffield Masseev. That’s obviously Dad territory lady. Back off. 😉

    • : ) We like to think he’s a cutey that’s for sure! I love seeing him joining in the dancing with our very talented friend Jenna, she’s a great dance teacher!

  2. Go Baby go! Now you should mention that he was doing some serious Irish Dancing moves 🙂 Turned the music on and he knew what to do!

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