My needle dips between the warp and weft of linen.  The rainbow colours bring new worlds into being, infecting me with their optimism.  Threads tangle like hyacinth roots but somehow, somehow, they begin to reveal a story of beauty.  The silence of a hoop, waiting patiently for my return each night, for moments stolen from a sun soaked afternoon.  The rough sound of a needle against fabric, beating a rhythm through my oasis of peace.  From the bare earth a tree springs up, waiting for a change of colour to bring blossom, to bring spring.

Words, like threads, become tangled in my thoughts.  Some become stitches, permanent, but others drift away.  Back to the rainbow.

It has been a busy week; thank goodness for embroidery.

The pattern “Cherry Blossom” is from the wonderful site Magpie Patterns.

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