Pixie Hat – part 2

So I considered calling this post Pixie Hat the Revenge, or something on those lines because what started as the making of a simple pixie hat ended as several hours of woeful misery.  Please allow me to explain.

One Saturday evening an unsuspecting sewing enthusiast decides to make a Pixie hat.  She’s made one before, it went well “How hard can it be?”  she thinks to herself.  The babes are slumbering so the sewing goes along quickly, this time she adds a cute tassle to the top and happily leaves the hat resting, anticipating the loveliness of seeing her little bean cosy and warm within the layers of fleece.

The next day, however, dawns with the cold reality that the hat is too small.  Really too small.  Like tiny head being squished in a vice too small.  Bugger.  What is a sewer to do?  Normally this would not have been a huge issue I (yes the woman was in fact me) would have set the too small hat aside and included it in some sewing gifts for my soon to enter the world neice and all would be well.  But I couldn’t.

You see this fleece was the last piece that my mum had purchased and used to make diaper covers for Huwyl,  So it was super important to me that it be used to make something for Neirin.  The piece was pretty small so I cut it less generously than the previous hat and voila, one tiny head squishing waste of precious fleece.  Not happy.  I couldn’t write it off as a bad job but I couldn’t use it.

So determined to make good of the situation I took my beloved’s advice and tried to add a new panel into the front of the hat.  I added a triangle of fleece to both sections then sewed them back together.  The panel worked well but I sewed one of the sections inside out (right sides together, right sides together) so then I had to unpick it, again, and sew it again.

Instead of a simple throw- it-together-quickly sort of hat it became a mammoth two day affair of muttering, cursing and, frankly, Stephen keeping the children out of the room because bad mummy had emerged.  I think anyone who has done any kind of crafting knows this scene when joy turns to frustration turns to anger turns to wanting to throw things at walls.  Turns to triumph. Sort of.  The hat is a bit too big and I have to fold the brim up at the front but it works it sits on his head and there is no evidence of his brain being squished out of his nostrils.  Phew.

So he can wear it for a few months and then it will go in the inheritance box so that when he has his own little bean I can pull it out and say “I made this for you from a piece of fleece your grandmother bought.”  I don’t think I’ll mention the other stuff.

4 thoughts on “Pixie Hat – part 2

  1. ha! you made me laugh, so cute – it really did work out…good for you! that reminds me of the first time I made a cloth diaper, which was actually the first time I ever sewed anything as an adult! yikes! it worked though….eventually…

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