After seeing this great tutorial on Gardenmama I couldn’t resist having a go at making a window star.  I’ve seen so many pictures of them but always thought they looked way, way, way too tricky for me – but not so!  I know that there are probably much more difficult designs but this tutorial gave me the confidence to make beautiful stars in a very short time.  This is my first attempt.

Here is the second star I made which will hopefully catch the afternoon sun as we sit and read later in the day.

I love the way these paper stars catch the light and brighten up my windows, something they really need because being actually cleaned just isn’t in their future.  I’m planning on adding them to our windows in different colours over the next week because 1) They are super cute and 2) I am addicted.

And here is the origami heart I made because I Just. Can’t. Stop. Folding.

This is the super easy tutorial I followed, I am planning to make many more of these next week as we gear up for Valentine’s day.  I have to be honest and say that we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s (though it will be our 15 year anniversary 3 days prior) but an excuse to make origami hearts, beeswax hearts, heart biscuits, heart cakes, chocolate heart lollipops…now that is something I can get behind.

Happy folding!

6 thoughts on “Star!

  1. The stars are amazing, I have wanting to make them these past weeks. I have never seen the heart before, but it looks like a wonderufl thing to make for the holiday coming up

    • Thanks again Nicole for the inspiration. I love making these stars, I think there will be more cropping up around my house over the coming months ; )

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